Elements by K.H & co. is a full service event design and planning studio that specializes in weddings and social occasions around the world. We are expert creators who take the time to listen and curate unique, customized celebrations through purposeful designs, with an obsessive attention to detail, that deliver immersive and unforgettable experiences for you and your guests. For us, every moment of your event is an opportunity to create a lasting memory.

Our promise to our couples is that their wedding celebrations are a true reflection of them – of their unique style, their one-of-a-kind tastes and their passions in life. To that end, we strive to build deep connections with each couple in order to fully understand who they are, so that we can create an immersive experience for guests that leaves no doubt in their minds who it is they are celebrating.

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Our team brings a diverse and experienced background to the planning and design process and is at its most inspired when building an event from the ground up.

We specialize in working at locations that present uniquely challenging logistics, such as private estates and historic venues.

We transform these spaces from empty shells or large spanning lawns into stunning, immersive experiences.

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Kimiko, Founder and Creative Director

The driving force behind Elements by K.H & co. Kimiko is one of those rare individuals who seamlessly blends creativity with a love of logistics – two attributes that form the foundation of the company.

Kimiko’s expertise in event design and planning spans more than 15 years. Her work has been featured in publications such as VOGUE, The New York Times, BRIDES, Harper’s Bazaar, Martha Stewart and Town and Country. She has also delivered results for a number of high-end clients who demand perfection for their guests. Her past roster of esteemed clientele and luxury brands includes F1 driver Jenson Button, actors Tim Robbins, Anthony LaPaglia and Rachel McAdams, pop star Rihanna, and luxury champagne and spirit brands Dom Perignon, Veuve Clicquot and Hennessy.

The experience and breadth of knowledge gained from designing and executing such a diverse range of events means her clients benefit from a truly unique perspective and skill set.

Kimiko believes that the key to success lies in the bigger picture – understanding a client’s overall objectives and vision, and building from the ground up to create the ultimate experience. This approach is not only applied during the planning process, but during the event’s execution as well, including real-time issues that require on-the-spot problem solving. Throughout it all, Kimiko’s honesty, confidence, professionalism and calm, friendly demeanor put her clients at ease. No task is impossible, challenge too stressful and no crisis unmanageable for Kimiko.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is your design process?

    Kimiko’s planning and design process:

    My initial meeting with our clients is to talk through the vision and design for their event. Often, the discussion is less about the vendors we’ll use or the logistics of the wedding itself. Instead, I love to draw creative inspiration by getting to know what makes our clients tick - their favorite restaurants, what their dream home looks like, their favorite piece of furniture that they own, art that they love, places they’ve visited, want to travel to or are inspired by, personal details from their life that they cherish… I am not a designer that spits out an event design as soon as the clients share inspiration with me. I like to take my time, let the design evolve as my relationship with the client evolves, trust is established, their personalities come out and I get to know them on a deeper level. My goal is to make all aspects of the planning experience revolve around them, not their event, and to make it relaxing and enjoyable along the way.

    Although I love seeing our events featured in top tier publications, what truly gives me satisfaction is when my clients experience the space we have created for them for the first time and can’t get over how we have transformed it to reflect them personally. This is what fuels my passion for planning and design, and is the most important outcome of my process.

  • Where do you plan?

    Our team plans the majority of its weddings in Hawaii, British Columbia’s Sea to Sky corridor (which includes the beautiful mountain town of Whistler), Spain, Italy, California, Muskoka and Toronto. We have travelled all over the globe and love the challenge of working in locations that we’ve never planned an event in before! Our team embraces new logistical challenges and meeting new partners. We have a trusted professional network in the US, Canada, Europe,
    Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Thailand and Mexico.

  • Do you offer partial planning services?

    Since the focus of Elements by K.H & co is on planning events from start to finish, with a keen attention to detail, we do not offer “partial planning” services. If you are looking for anything less than full service planning, our sister brand, Elevated Experiences, has a selection of services to choose from. However, if you are working with a hotel or venue that already offers planning as part of their service package, you can hire us for design services to bring life to your event.

  • How much does it cost to work with you?

    We customize our pricing based on the location, scale of event and requirements of our clients. We find the best approach is to think of the overall budget for the day of your wedding in terms of price per person, rather than an overall targeted budget amount. The amount of guests you invite is what dictates the budget. Our typical clients spend $1,400 per
    person on average. So, when planning for 80 people they would spend approximately $115,000. For 150 people they would spend approximately $210,000. For 50 people they would spend $70,000. However, our clients have spent as little as $600 per guest in specific locations and upwards of $4,000 per guest on highly curated events. Please note that small groups under 40 people and multi-day events will be different, inquire with us to discuss this in more detail.

    We work with events of all sizes and budgets, so contact us to ensure the financial expectations for your event are in line with your target budget based on your location.

  • How do you structure your pricing?

    After years of working in the destination event industry, we have learned that each event is unique, so we have tailored our pricing model to allow for each event to be customized. Our fees are broken down into three parts:

    1. A planning retainer is paid upon signing the service agreement to allow our team to start planning your event with you.

    2. A design retainer is paid after the design consultation is scheduled to secure the time it takes to develop the design and produce beautiful renderings to tell the story of your day. Once the design presentation is completed, and the clients have approved the plan and budget. a percentage will be charged on the contracts from your vendors that you have approved.

    3. A production and event management fee covers the costs of the number of Elements by K.H & co. team members, and physical labor contractors required on the day of the event, as well as the days surrounding the event to build, manage and strike your event. This fee is customized for each event based on the unique requirements and location.

    The investment you make is not just to have someone book your vendors and oversee your day. We take your celebration very seriously and pride ourselves on the level of detail that goes into our work. We have a strict policy within our company to always provide complete transparency when it comes to our clients’ finances. We want our clients to trust that Elements by K.H & co. has their best interests in mind at all times.

  • Do you accept commissions from my wedding day vendors?

    NEVER! Unfortunately, we know that this is a practice found throughout the wedding industry but we do not agree with it. Our clients work hard for their money and the emotional stress of planning a destination wedding should not be caused by feeling like you are being kept in the dark. Beware of planners who offer you a low flat rate upfront. These companies will often be compensated through the vendors with commissions or discounts, or the planner will mark up the cost of your vendors’ pricing without your knowledge.

    We do not believe that this practice is good business, so the fee you pay to Elements by K.H & co. only covers the cost of our services.

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